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Welcome to the website of Millers Muzzles.

Millers Muzzles is owned and managed by Arch Miller who is increasingly known as the Muzzle Man both Australia wide and internationally.

For over 23 years Millers Muzzles have been manufacturing quality, lightweight wire greyhound muzzles which are officially recommended for greyhound racing within Australia and many other countries around the world.

In addition to racing muzzles, Millers Muzzles also manufacture wire barking muzzles and wire whippet muzzles.

Millers Muzzles are meticulously handmade from high quality spring tempered, stainless steel wire and soldered with 34% silver content solder on all crossover points.

This makes the solder points as strong as the wire itself giving it a very high tensile strength of 28.

Millers Muzzles' wire muzzles offer outstanding value for money because of their durable design and construction.

Millers Muzzles also distribute American Heavy Duty Yard Muzzles in Australia.

Millers Muzzles are based in Melbourne, Australia and muzzles are shipped Australia wide and globally.

If you require any more information please do not hesitate to contact the Muzzle Man.

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Arch Miller

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Millers Muzzles
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0418 315 790

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